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Products and grades

Hi-Tech Carbon caters to two segments of the market — tyre and non-tyre. While the tyre market accounts for 70 per cent of carbon black consumption, the non tyre market is sub-segmented into rubber auto components, printing inks, paints, plastics and conveyor belting.

Carbon Black also provides the blackness of printing inks. The two branded grades Jet Carb 300 and Mouldex 56 manufactured by Hi-Tech Carbon are used in mechanical goods and plastics respectively.

Carbon Black grades at Hi Tech Carbon
ASTM grades N110, N115, N134, N219, N220, N231, N234, N299, N326, N330, N339, N347, N351, N358, N375, N539, N550, N650, N660, N762, N765, N774
Branded grades Jet Carb 300, Mouldex 56