Management team
Louis Philippe
Van Heusen
Allen Solly
Peter England
The Collective
Planet Fashion
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Management team

Mr. Pranab Barua, Business Director, Apparel & Retail

Mr. Ashish Dikshit, CEO, Madura F&L

Mr. S Visvanathan, Chief Financial Officer (Textiles & Apparel)

Mr. Neeraj Pal Singh, Chief Information Officer (Apparel & Retail)

Chandrashekhar Chavan, Chief People Officer (Apparel)

Mr. Anurag Srivastava, Corporate Head – Strategy & Business Excellence (Apparel & Retail)

Executive Committee
Jacob John, Brand Head, Louis Philippe
Vinay Bhopatkar, Brand Head, Van Heusen
Sooraj Bhat, Brand Head, Allen Solly
Kedar Apshankar , COO, Peter England
R Satyajit, COO, International Brands and New Businesses
Puneet Kumar Malik, Head – Trade Sales, Planet Fashion & Branded Export
Swaminathan R, Head - Supply Chain & Sourcing
Anuj Madhok,  Head - Human Resources
Vikas Agarwal, Head - Commercial
Mohana Sundaram, Head, Controller
Dr Naresh Tyagi, Head - Product Development & Quality Assurance
R Parthasarathy, Head – Retail Business Development
Lal Sudhakaran, Head – Manufacturing & MGE